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Electrify your journey with Coral Charge

Experience the benefits of utility-free, ultra-fast charging—powered by the sun 

About Coral Charge

We are a technology company committed to providing emission-free solutions to preserve all life on our planet. We developed Coral, a battery storage integrated DC fast charging system.  The Coral is powered only by solar PV panels on site. Through our grid-independent technology, we provide faster, reliable charging at predictable pricing. 


Coral is here to change fast-charging 

Price Volatility Free!

Predictable charging pricing.

Electricity Cost Free!

Coral uses the electricity it produces.

Emission Free!

100% green energy powered.

Utility Free!

Reliable system not affected by outages, utility costs, and requirements.

Construction Hassle and Cost  Free!

Coral does not require heavy construction, underground cabling, or grid-connection.

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Monetize Your Parking Space Without Spending Money

We install and operate the charging station. You enjoy increased customer traffic and attract new customers.


Own Your Own Coral To Enjoy Charging Revenues

Buy Coral, increase customer traffic while collecting charging revenues, don't bother with operation.

Contact Us

1925 Century Park E #1700,

Los Angeles, CA 90067

Thank you for reaching out. We will be in touch soon.


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